The Rt Hon The Lord Caradon PC GCMG KCVO OBE

The Early Years

Hugh Mackintosh Foot was the son of the late Rt. Hon Isaac Foot, MP. Born in 1907 into perhaps the most political of Westcountry nonconformist families (no fewer than four Foots stood in the 1945 General Election), he broke with family tradition by first of all going to Cambridge rather than Oxford and then by entering the Colonial Administrative Service in Palestine in 1929. His succession of posts was to take him across the then empire. By 1932 he was the Assistant District Commissioner in Samaria and subsequently served throughout the period of the Arab Revolt of the late 1930s. In 1939 he was appointed to be Assistant British Resident in Amman, serving in a variety of capacities. His wartime appointments included that of Political Officer to the Indian Brigade in the fighting with Vichy French forces in Syria, and later of Lieutenant Colonel for the British Military Administration of Cyrenaica.